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How to Use Twitter to Source Top Talent


Nowadays, top tech talent is hard to find. And candidates know about it. That is why recruiters find many challenges when sourcing candidates through social media, including outdated or even inexistent LinkedIn profiles. So it is important to diversify strategies to optimize your sourcing process! Among social media, Twitter stands out as a powerful resource with a big potential to connect, engage and source talent.

Today, we will focus on exploring different ways to use Twitter as a sourcing tool, tapping a new and diverse pool of talent.


Understanding Twitter's Sourcing Potential

Twitter, even with all the controversy that appeared as a consequence of Elon Musk purchase, still has a vast and diverse user base, and a real-time point of view. Even though Twitter is not a typical hiring tool such as LinkedIn, it can't be ignored as a great opportunity to find talent where other recruiters might not look, to uncover your next team mate, and to identify diverse candidates. 

Learn how to leverage Twitter to stablish a strong online presence, foster brand recognition, engage with industry professionals and connect with potential hires directly.


Strategies to Use Twitter as Sourcing Tool

1. Build a Strong Twitter Presence

To outrank your competitors and maximize sourcing success on Twitter, you need to start somewhere! By creating a compelling profile that showcases the culture of your company and that engages with the other shareholders in the industry, you will increase your reach. Some tips to level-up your Twitter profile include optimizing your Twitter bio with relevant keywords, providing a clear description of your company's mission, values, and industry, and including a link to your website or career page to drive traffic and generate interest.


2. Craft Engaging Tweets

Consistency in posting relevant and engaging content is essential to maintain an active and vibrant Twitter presence. There are small but very useful steps you can take to ensure you post regularly, such as creating a content calendar that incorporates a mix of industry news, company updates, job openings, and valuable insights. Make sure that your tweets resonate with your target audience and encourage interactions by using cool visuals, hashtags, and calls to action.


3. Leverage Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags (#) are a very important resource when using Twitter! They help you find and reach a wider audience. Start by understanding what are the relevant and industry-specific hashtags that work best for you, and try them out! Use these hashtags in your tweets to increase visibility, and attract potential candidates.

But it does not stop here! You can, and should, also use Twitter hashtags in a reverse way. Try clicking on them and see if you find any profile that might make sense to reach out to! This way, you can see potential candidates' online presence, and tap into talent that otherwise you would never find!


4. Engage with the Twitter Community

Outranking your competitors and increasing your visibility require active engagement with your followers and the overall Twitter community. Don't forget to answer to mentions, comments, and direct messages, it will help you build a positive brand image. Participate in Twitter chats, industry events, and relevant discussions to establish your authority and build valuable connections.


5. Collaborate with Employees for Amplification

Is there a better way to showcase your company culture than with the ones who build it daily? Encourage your employees to be brand advocates on Twitter. Foster a culture of sharing company updates and job openings on their personal accounts, amplifying your reach and attracting passive candidates who trust their networks.



Twitter is not a common tool for sourcing strategies, but it is a very useful one. By building a strong presence, crafting engaging tweets, leveraging hashtags strategically, engaging with the community, and collaborating with employees, you can position yourself to outrank your competitors and successfully source top talent for your business. Most importantly, it will help you to build trust with potential employees, and tap a new pool of talent.

So, get ready to unlock the full power of Twitter for sourcing!