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The best ChatGPT prompt for recruiting

The use of AI and tools like ChatGPT is surging, and recruiting is one of the most interesting use cases. Recent statistics show that more than 70% of the job seekers are using AI tools to write cover letters or resumes. The advantage: It is the fastest way to tailor application documents to a specific job.

While I haven’t seen AI tools making decisions on who to hire, recruiters should also start using ChatGPT to support their work - and be aware of the limitations that come with it.

Not only can using ChatGPT make recruiters more efficient, but it can also help get rid of bias, especially when screening resumes.

ChaptGPT on a Macbook ready for use in recruiting

In this article I will show the best way to use ChatGPT. This allows you to support your resume screening and to make bias-free pre-screening decisions (as much as possible). This is followed by a recommendation on how to integrate this prompt into your hiring process.

How to automate resume screening using ChatGPT

  1. Analyse a resume

    ChatGPT prompt for recruiting - uploading a CVBy uploading a CV or resume, you can ask ChatGPT to extract all relevant information using the prompts shown in the image. ChatGPT can use a so-called OCR approach to extract info from a PDF. The result will look like:
    ChatGPT prompt for recruiting - extraction of info from CV-1
  2. Compare it against the requirements of your specific job

    The next step is to use your job description so that ChatGPT can compare the resume against the specific requirements. The prompt looks as follows:
    ChatGPT for recruiting - Uplaod a job descriptionYou will see that ChatGPT is great at extracting the needed skills and the skills the candidate has in order to determine the overlap:
    ChatGPT prompt for recruiting - extraction of info from job description
  3. Summarise the results in a readable format

    The last step is to make the results more readable as this will allow you to quickly double check the results from ChatGPT with your own impression when reviewing resumes or CVs. The prompt and the results will look like:
    ChatGPT prompt for recruiting - final result to support decision making

How to integrate ChatGPT in your recruitment process

AI and human intelligence to improve resume screening

My conviction is that AI will not replace recruiters, but an example like this also shows how it can support the hiring process. AI is extremely fast in processing the information from a resume and from a job description. While systems like ChatGPT shouldn’t make any decision, the discussed prompt helps to overcome one's own biases making sure that you can double check your own intuition to understand whether a candidate is a good fit for the position.

Skills-based hiring to verify skills and make an informed decision

The practice of resume screening is most probably going to vanish with the rise of AI. In the long run it simply doesn’t make sense to use AI to check resumes written by AI. Structured interviews lead to more comparable and valid results. This is one of the reasons why skills-based hiring is on the rise.

It is becoming increasingly important to verify candidates’ skills to make an informed decision. A resume in combination with verified skills using a skill assessment is the best way to have a reliable pre-screening process and making sure to interview the best talent without introducing any bias.


How can ChatGPT be used for pre-screening?

ChatGPT can support you as a recruiter in extracting skills and relevant info from a CV and match it against the requirements of a specific job. This allows to prioritise incoming applications and support the decision on who to forward to further interviews.

How can ChatGPT be integrated in the hiring process?

ChatGPT is supposed to automate processes and can e.g. be used in parallel to CV screening to to summarise all important information from candidates and make CVs more comparable. A more structured approach to CV screening can partly help avoiding bias.

Will AI and systems like ChatGPT replace recruiters?

ChatGPT and similar systems are there to enhance capabilities of you as a recruiter, but will not take over decision-making and human interaction, that is necessary to get a full picture of a person during the hiring process.

What are the limitations of ChatGPT in the pre-screening stage?

While the approach can enhance CV screening and avoid some biases, it is still not advised to rely on CVs only. As a recruiter you will most likely have conscious and unconscious biases. Additionally, studies show that job seekers are using a CV as a sales document and might exaggerate when it comes to their skills and successes. Hence, skills-based hiring is becoming the new norm to help finding the right talent in a fast, accurate and bias-free way.

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