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Avoid these 3 mistakes when hiring tech talent

Tech talent such as software engineering, or machine learning engineering, is hot in the job market! There are plenty of openings and companies need to deliver top-notch experiences to close a candidate. Recruiting tech talent is a two-way street, where both candidates and the recruitment teams need to prove why the other part should pick to work with the other. 

The worst thing you can do when hiring tech talent is provide a bad candidate experience, leaving a poor image of the company. To avoid this situation, we share with you today 3 things you should avoid doing when recruiting tech talent.


1. Not sharing the details of the process in advance

Enrolling in a recruitment process can be a source of anxiety for the candidates, and the best way to help ease it is to share with the candidates what they can expect from the hiring process.

When starting the hiring process, share with your candidates useful information such as:

  • What is the expected planning of the recruitment process (how many steps, and their timelines)
  • Tips on how to prepare for the interview
  • Who the interviewer is

By being clear from the start, you show to the candidates that your workplace is organized and you have nothing to hide! Tech talent appreciates a structured process and a solid organization. Having all the information clear in one place sets the expectations for the candidates and lets them focus on the next stage of the recruitment process.


2. Asking unsuitable technical questions

When applying for a new job, tech candidates know that their skills will be assessed throughout the recruitment process. These are the moments where applicants can shine and show their worth. However, it is confusing when recruiters ask technical questions that are one-size-fits-all, instead of questioning about aspects related to the specific job that the candidate is being assigned to do.

If you are looking to assess the tech skills of your candidates and want to provide the best possible experience for them, there are easy and accurate ways to do so! For example, skill assessments let you create short quizzes and challenges where the applicants can show you what they know.'s skill assessments are tailored to the job requirements of your job ad, providing a unique way to assess tech skills.


3. Not 'selling' the company to the candidates

Going back to one of the initial thoughts we share in this article: a tech recruitment process is a two-way street! Candidates need to show you that they are the right fit for the position, but you need to prove to the candidates that your organization is the best choice for them as the next career step.

Always keep in mind and try to share with the candidates how your organization will help them improve their future. To achieve so, there are some questions you can try to assess, such as:

  • What projects will the tech candidates be working on?
  • What technologies, tools, and processes does the team use?
  • What is the expected career progression? 
  • Do you offer training and learning opportunities?



Hiring tech candidates is not an easy task, especially with so many organizations trying to fill job positions and a short number of candidates. Avoiding the three mistakes above will help you start ahead of the competition and dazzle the candidates! Always keep in mind that it is a two-way street and stay available for every question that might appear. 



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