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5 HR Podcasts you can't miss

A great podcast entertains and educates at the same time. For those with busy schedules who still want to stay up to date with the most recent trends and discussions, podcasts are a great resource since we can hear them while doing another task! If you are into HR, people and recruitment roles and topics, there are plenty of options out there to start with. To save you time, we compiled a list of the best 5 HR Podcasts to listen to. Tune in!


 1. The Josh Bersin Company

This podcast from Josh Bersin, an speaker expert and incorporate HR, training, talent management, recruiting, leadership, and workplace technology, is one of the best podcasts out there! They are usually around 20 minutes and cover different topics around HR Technology, Talent, Recruitment, and Leadership. In this show, Josh has short but insightful discussions about the most important topics in HR, including tools, resources and know-how tips. You can listen to it on Spotify


2. Talent Culture #WorkTrends

WorkTrends, besides being a podcast is also a Twitter (or should we say X) chat! The 15 minutes talk happens every Wednesday afternoon where Meghan Biro talks about how the work is changing with HR Leaders. Meghan Biro is a globally recognized talent management and HR tech thought leader and an author and speaker. She uses this podcast to really connect with the listener and with her guests. Listen here!


3. HR Party of One

This weekly podcast focuses on the most pressing issues for HR teams and business leaders. This podcasts targets issues faced by fast-growing small businesses and startups, including engaging discussions on the latest HR trends, challenges and tools. Each episode provides actionable insights on topics including hiring, culture, technology, leadership, and more. You can listen to it here.


4. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist and bestselling author, expert in topics related to rethinking, motivation and leadership. He has an impressive career track and has been Wharton’s top-rated professor for 7 straight years. In his podcast Work Life, Adam's goal is to explore ways to figure out "how to make work not suck". With interesting and insightful discussions, this podcast takes you on a journey to discover new ways to have a better work life. Check it out.


5. HR Happy Hour

This podcast is hosted by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane. Steve is an enthusiastic and expert about HR Technology and Trish is a renowned specialist in HR strategy. In their podcast, they explore different topics related to Human Resources, management, leadership, and workforce technology. The episodes are a bit longer than others on this list, but they keep it very engaging. Listen to them here!



Staying on top of the latest trends, technologies and news is not an easy task, especially with the busy lives we have. But I'm sure you can fit a short and engaging podcast episode in your routine, either when you are doing your morning routine or when you are commuting to work. I hope this list helps you, and let us know if you have any other recommendations!



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